Niels Boszhard, 18th Januri ’97

As a little boy, my dad took me to the world of television. That’s when I knew for sure! I want to entertain people! So I went to do a theater course in Haarlem, and am now in my final year. As highlight of the year, I’ve been able to go on tour with the performance: Bint van Hummelinck and Stuurman. Seventy performances across the country! I am convinced that we as Yunoww can learn and improve. Every show is different to us! We are young and have more than enough energy to make a crowd!

Benji Schilder, 9th July ’98

YUNOWW is an 18 year old DJ/Producer who’s going real hard lately. He started DJ’ing about 4 years ago and picked up the feeling for rhythm and music really fast. First it was ‘ROCKFELLA, now it’s ‘YUNOWW! New name, new opportunities, and performing in clubs every weekend. ‘YUNOWW can be described as energetic, you’ll be guaranteed to go wild on the best tracks today. From Bubbling to Eclectic, anything is possible. He made a big investment in buying his first studio this year (2016). He did an 8 week studio course and he’s going to keep developing by taking extra courses. Producing is a new part of his journey but making music is one thing he definitely likes.



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